Video Business Card
10 Point Implementation Plan

#1 Video Upload & SEO Optimization

Explanation: Now that your Video Business Card is done it’s time for it to be uploaded so that the whole world can see it! Keep in mind that the more places it is uploaded to, the better. The goal here is to have it on all the platforms you are active on.

Assignment: Upload your video to YouTube and Vimeo. Why both you ask? YouTube is great for SEO which is a very important part in becoming discoverable. Vimeo, being that it retains full quality, is great for embedding on to websites. (Make sure to name your YouTube video something that people are searching for) Ex: Santa Barbara Lawyer - Jim Franklin

Expected Results:

  • To be discovered by people looking for your solutions
  • To be able to embed anywhere you want

#2 Email Signature Integration

Explanation: You and your team are sending emails to prospects, clients & friends from your personal and business accounts. At the end of every email you usually leave your name and position in the “signature section” at the bottom of each correspondence. While this is useful, there is a massive opportunity to make all of your emails far more personable and opportunity rich.

Assignment: Embed a link (from Vimeo/Youtube) to your Video Business Card in your email signature at the end of your email

Expected Results:

  • Conversations = Warmer
  • Sales = Easier
  • Relationships = Stronger

#3 Website Embed

Explanation: The first thing people should see on your website is your VBC. You are more likely to grab someone’s attention by having a video on your homepage rather than a static image. Another great place to embed your VBC is on the about page where people go to find out more about you and your company.

Assignment: Embed your VBC on the home and about pages of your website.

Expected Results: Go look at video marketing stats

#4 SEO

Explanation: Before any of the marketing can happen, it’s important we capture the audience we will be marketing to. People are searching for your service every single day which is why you need to make finding you as easy as possible.

Assignment: Write a blog featured on your website with the VBC. Make it so that your VBC is the first thing someone sees when they come to your blog post.Try to rank your posts SEO. Expected Results: To be discovered more. Hotter leads.

#5 Prospects & Investors

Explanation: Start conversations with prospects and investors by sending them a VBC. This will not only save both parties time, it will put you in a position where the prospects and/or investors know exactly who you are and what your company does. This means you can skip the introductions and get straight to the point.

Assignment: To introduce yourself and your company, send your VBC to every prospect and/or investor that you are in contact with.

Expected Results: Build trust in a fast authentic way.

#6 Trade Shows

Explanation: Trade Shows are a great place to have your VBC looping for the people to see. Normally at Trade Shows, people have flyers and sliders that promote their products/services. The thing with video is that it literally has the power to pull people from across the room!

Assignment: Create a loop in a program that can loop it. Have it ready for the Trade Shows! (Premiere Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro)

Expected Results: Attract more traffic Gain people's interest


Explanation: You should be using your VBC any time you are trying to get onto the media. Press people get TONS of emails every single day which are read or not based on a split second of a decision. Use your video as leverage to set you apart from everyone else and to catch attention.

Assignment: Include your VBC in your press release and get some press with your video. Ex: emails to journalist, newspapers, and magazines.

Expected Results: More awareness Press opportunities

#8 Physical Swag Embed

Explanation: Physical products have been proven to build trust and relationship. Put your video inside of the swag, ex: watch with usb, bracelet with usb,

Assignment: Embed your video into physical swag via USB drive. Ex: bracelets, necklaces, glasses, etc. Get creative with it. Just think, “What’s portable and able to be with me at all times?”

Expected Results: More awareness Warmer leads

#9 Retargeting/Nurturing (Advanced)

Explanation: VBC make for a great retargeting tool. Imagine everytime someone comes in contact with your content they are instantly followed around with your businesses’ message. No need to imagine anymore because this is absolutely possible. Even something as little as a click can trigger retargeting and deploy your VBC.

Assignment: Learn how to set up FB retargeting campaigns so that anyone who lands on your website, is followed around by your VBC. Here is a place to start: How To Run Facebook Retargeting Ads. Expected Results: MUCH higher conversions

#10 Holstered

Explanation: Think about how many people you meet, greet, and speak with every single day. This is the perfect opportunity to unleash your VBC! Keep it on ALL of your devices so that you are ready to show it at any given moment.

Assignment: Upload your VBC onto all of your devices.

Expected Results: Cold leads into warm leads