All with Integrity, Ideas & Imagination...

Everything we do at ACME is guided by our vision to ensure that we all go the extra mile to help our Clients reach their audiences. So far, we have successfully played a dynamic role in shaping the video production & web design industry. Our lifelong experience is being reflected in almost every project.

At ACME, we welcome challenges to foster our creativity, perform complex jobs and meet the deadlines no matter how difficult the task may be. We work together with our clients because the power of collaboration and teamwork has proven time and time again to be the key to success!.

We live by three words:

  • INTEGRITY - Doing the right thing even when no one is looking
  • IDEAS - Your ideas...
  • IMAGINATION - The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves

Jeff Dingsor is graduate of WIlliam Paterson College, now William Paterson University, where he got his BA degree in communications and broadcasting.

He enlisted in the United States Coast Guard Reserves in 1980 and served for 6 years.  His biggest regret in his life was getting out.

He started his first video production company back in 1985 and he hasn't looked back. With almost 35 years in business, Jeff has the know how to solve your problems and help your business grow and acheive the success your deserve.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Dingsor

President & Founder


Service Dog & Soul Mate

Milo & Bella

All Around Fun & Mischief Makers
Sadly, we lost our beloved Bella late last year.
She is sorely missed.